Services We Offer

Optional Services

/Content/Images/Shared/girl_and_cat.jpg Though your pet’s physical presence will leave your life, her memories will never fade from your heart. Capture the special relationship you shared with any of the following optional services:

Clay Paw Print

Our employees use a terra cotta-colored modeling clay to take an impression of your pet’s paw. This lasting memorial item will be inscribed with your pet’s name and the year of passing. $40.00

Lock of Fur

If you desire, a lock of your pet’s fur can be clipped before cremation or burial. The lock will be placed in a clear Ziploc bag for your use in future memorials. Included

Private Cremation Service

A single pet cremation, where the pet, and only one, is placed within the retort and cremated during the service. The cremated remains are returned to the family from their companion animal's private cremation service and are placed in a temporary container. Ink prints and a lock of fur are included, addtional clay prints can be purchased for $40.00.