When a Pet Dies

When a Pet Dies

There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as reaching the end of your pet’s life. Whether the death comes suddenly or unexpectedly, or at the end of a long period of suffering, the realization that end-of-life plans must be made can be upsetting.

We Are Here to Help
Our staff members are experienced at guiding pet owners through the last moments of their pet’s lives. We are here to assist you - whether that means coming to your home to transport your pet to our facility or visiting the veterinarian’s office to begin the final arrangements process. Give our office a call at any point for this type of immediate assistance.

After the Final Breath
Once your pet takes his final breath, take comfort in the fact that you’ve helped him to leave this life as peacefully and as gracefully as possible. Then, call our office to begin the arrangements process. We will handle the details of your pet’s final disposition while you focus your attention on grieving the loss of your friend and supporting those who are left behind.

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